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Remind you of someone? [07 Jul 2005|08:36pm]

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These are the front and back covers and the fly leaf of a book I found today at the library. It's Священная Книга Оборотя {Svyashchennaya Kniga Oborotnya, "The Book of Werewolf"}, by Виктор Пелевин {Viktor Pelevin}. When I saw the cover, I was like, "OMG Lain!! In Russian!!" After a little research, I found (and promptly lost) a summary which revealed that it had very little to do with Lain, except SpoilerCollapse ). If anyone's read Svyashchennaya, I'd love it if you could shed more light on the subject. Also, if you know of a good translation, I'd really love to know.

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[09 Jun 2004|05:10pm]

Have you read Cyberia by Douglas Rushkoff?
What do you think of it?
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[01 Jun 2004|10:50am]

[ mood | confuzzled ]

OK well ppls, i've gotta tell you I've finally gotten "unhyperified" after watching the last lain dvd, and I've got some questions. WELL, first of all, i'm very confuzed over the fact that accela boy, who died in a "not so happy" mood, ended up telling lain "It's easy to give up your body" and Chisa, who like killed herself in a premeditated kind of way, says "there's nothing at all esay about dying." I mean, what is up with that? Am I just stupid and failing to see some fairly obvious truth, or what?

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[21 May 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | geeky ]

Something I was thinking about...and it might spark some conversation...and it might not.
One of the things that makes Lain great is that it incorporates so many different elements into a wonderful story. It's got sci-fi, philosophy, a bit o' horror, some action and some very sweet elements too. And with all this, it's incredibly difficult to categorize.
So I was wondering...do people think that Lain is mostly a girl's story, or a guy's story? Or both, or neither? Are there more girls or guys in these Lain comms?
What do people think?

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Well, Hello Again [19 May 2004|08:42am]

[ mood | always hyper ]

Well, hello again every1!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's been going on?

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Welcome!!! [18 May 2004|11:08am]

[ mood | welcoming!!! ]

Welcome to LetsLuvLain, a community for lovers of that treasured anime, Serial Experiments Lain.

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